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A Thousand Faces Acrylic Painting on Canvas

A Thousand Faces Acrylic Painting on Canvas

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“A Thousand Faces” beckons you into a mesmerizing realm—a kaleidoscope of color and form. Within its circular canvas, vibrant hues pirouette and intertwine, defying the constraints of convention. Each brushstroke resonates with a chorus of emotions, evoking curiosity and wonder. As your gaze roams, it unearths hidden visages—ephemeral faces that materialize and dissolve, imprinting themselves upon your consciousness. “A Thousand Faces” celebrates the tapestry of human existence, urging you to peer beyond mere surfaces and glimpse the myriad stories etched within its vibrant layers.

Acrylic on Canvas, finished with a high quality satin varnish.

Size: Height (H): 400mm | Width (W): 400mm

H: 16 Inch | W: 16 Inch

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